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Any issue with our product? Here are the steps to resolve it.

Application / Extension Approval Request

Are you needing an application or an extension installed on your Chromebook or iPad?  First, the software has to be approved before it can be installed.  You can find a list of all approved software and extensions here.  If your application is listed as an approved software then you can log a tic...

Password Change Documentation

To change your school password you will be required to be connected to the school network.  As part of the ever-increasing need to increase security against unauthorized access/data breaches and ensure the confidentiality of our records/information, staff password changes are recommended by the K...

What personal information are you tracking?

Privacy is important to you and to us. When you submit a ticket through our helpdesk, we just keep your name and email address and question you asked in our database. Nothing more unless you share it yourself during an interaction with us.

Raptor Visitor Management

Establish Raptor User Account Password If you have not logged into Raptor before, please use the "Reset Password Link" .  You will be sent a Password Reset Email to your District Email Inbox, follow the instructions within the email to reset your pas...

Website Blocked

Did you receive a page like the one below?  If so that means that KDE has deemed this an inappropriate website.  If you feel this is an error and the website will be used for educational purposes.  You can submit a ticket requesting for the site to be checked and approved. *create ticket*