Warren County Digital Account: Update password

While passwords may be updated for various reasons, all staff will need to update their passwords on a regular basis. Staff passwords at Warren County schools abide by the rules set in place by KDE. As such, staff passwords expire after 180 days, requiring staff members to update their password before this expiration date.

To update your password:

  1. Connect to your school or administration building's WiFi (i.e. WCPS_Public) on your phone or computer and click here to access the account management portal.
  2. Sign in using your Warren County account's username (e.g., first.last@warren.kyschools.us) and your current password. Be sure that the dropdown menu is set to WARREN. The pictures below depict the sign in screen for desktop and mobile users. On a mobile device, you will need to click Log in to access this Login screen. If you are have forgotten your password, please see this article.

  3. Once you've signed in, click Change Password to access the Change Password section. On a mobile device, you will be automatically taken to this section.
  4. Update your password using your current password and entering your new password. The picture below show the desktop and mobile view of this section. Be sure to store this new password in a safe location!

If you need help with any of these steps, please review this Password Reset Video. After updating your password, you will need to sign back into any devices that use your Warren County Digital Account (e.g., your cell phone used for 2 Step Verification).