Canva: Student receives error on sign-in; not in a school

Because we roster Canva based on data in Infinite Campus, it is crucial that student enrollments

1. Ensure that this student is enrolled

One cause of this issue is that the student has not been enrolled in Infinite Campus. If a student has recently entered the district or was absent on the first few days of a new school year, they may not be enrolled in Infinite Campus. If the student is not enrolled, they will not be rostered into any instructional applications. To check a student's enrollment status:

  1. Search for the student in the search panel, then select the student from the list generated below.
  2. Navigate to his or her enrollments section by clicking Enrollments. The picture below shows this process in the new Infinite Campus user interface.
  3. Once you're in this student's Enrollments section, ensure that this student is enrolled in your school for the current school year and on the proper dates. The enrollments section is depicted below with the start date of the enrollment highlighted.

2. Ensure that this student is not disabled

Another cause of this issue could be that the student is disabled in Infinite Campus. To check this setting, you will need elevated privileges in Infinite Campus. You may need to contact your school's Infinite Campus clerk for help. To begin checking this student's account settings:

  1. Click the dropdown menu in the search panel and select User.
  2. Enter the student's first and last name or his or her student Id, then search. Below are the search sections in the new and old view (respectively). The new view will indicate a disabled user with the label (Disabled). The old view will indicate a disabled user by coloring the user red.
  3. Select the student's account to open the User Account Information panel. This panel will indicate disabled users by labeling them (Disabled).
  4. To reactivate a student, simple uncheck the Disabled checkbox, then click Save. Once our system syncs with Infinite Campus, the student will be reactivated and be rostered into Canva.