Technology Donation Guide

Many of our schools/classrooms are receiving donation of technology from multiple sources, including Donor's Choose. My school has received a technology donation.    

What do I do?

Step 1- There must be a Fixed Asset Donation Form filled out with Item Description and Serial Number (Shelley Baird at Central Office has these if your school does not have any).  There may be 2 forms (a Redbook Form, entitled School Activity Fund Donation Acceptance Form, and a Fixed Asset Donation Form).  The Fixed Asset Donation form is the one the tech office (Shelley Baird) needs.

Step 2- Send the completed Fixed Asset Donation form, signed by the Principal/Director, to Tracy Woods at the Tech Dept. (the other form can come along as well). 

Step 3- Tracy will assign the Asset Tag Number(s), affix the sticker(s) to the pink copy of the form, and give it to your school's technician.

Step 4-Your School Technician will bring the pink copy back to your school (for your fixed asset records) and tag what needs to be tagged.  Your school technician will enroll the Chromebooks at the time of tagging once Google Chrome Management License purchase has been confirmed. 

Step 5-Tracy Woods will return the rest of the paperwork to Shelley Baird.

For any questions, please contact your school's technician or
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