Warren County Printer/Copier Documentation

We have made short videos explaining the new process, how to add the new universal printer to your computer, how to print and release your jobs. Please take a moment to look over THESE VIDEOS and get familiar with them. Also please make sure your computer is up to date before you begin! If you have any questions please see your building's technology coordinator for assistance. If you still have trouble after seeing them, you can fill out THIS FORM and the Tech Dept. will get with you as soon as we can to help. 

Directions to Install:

(Mac Users, please check your operating system first! To find your operating system, click on the Apple in the upper-left corner, choose "About This Mac." It will be a 10.xx number.) 

-Mac Users with Operating System of 10.11 and older: CLICK HERE

-Mac Users with Operating System of 10.12 to 10.15: CLICK HERE to download, then watch THIS VIDEO 

-PC Users: We are trying to install your printer remotely, so keep checking your menu bar in the bottom right corner for a new printer icon. For directions on how to log in, CLICK HERE

We appreciate your patience and cooperation with this new undertaking, as we know it will be a big change, and we're all learning together. Our end goal is to make things easier for you all in the long-run! 

Still having issues feel free to log a ticket.  Click Here To Log A Ticket

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